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Approx. 1 billion disabled people in the World
There is a lack of awareness and reach of
Accessibility solutions worldwide

About Us

With 1 billion people in the world with disabilities and the ever-growing aging population, it is time to acknowledge those ideas, products and solutions that raise the bar in creating inclusion and break the barriers using technology!

The use of technology has gone way beyond just the computer, we are now talking of mobile apps, internet of things, wearable technologies, driverless cars, 3D printing, smart cities and so much more.

It is sometimes just the feature or often it might be technology specially designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities or the elderly.

Technology & Innovation today are changing the way we use and interact with solutions and so much of what is available or being developed can make a difference in the lives of disabled people or elderly. With technology, there are no boundaries today, we can see how accessible solutions can benefit disabled people and elderly worldwide.

Whether it is a wearable technology that lets you control your house, a spoon that controls your tremors and lets you eat comfortably or an easy wear wrap around zipper shoe that allows you to do an every day ask independently! All these innovations need to be recognized, shared and celebrated!

With Global Elevate Awards, BarrierBreak would like to celebrate these accessible ideas, products and solutions!

Who are we celebrating?

The Global Elevate Award will be a yearly award that recognise and award the year’s most exciting, innovative & impactful accessible solutions across numerous categories. The accessible solution must have been launched or implemented and available to the target audience between that year!

Global Elevate Awards website will be a live repository of the nominations that will be available even post the award so as to create awareness about the accessible solutions available.

We will be awarding solutions not organizations, the aim is to have organizations innovating and vying for the award!

Global Elevate Award is about the ideas that build inclusion. We are celebrating technology solutions irrespective of if they are small or big. We will be recognizing two organizations in each category for their efforts.

Global Elevate Award Categories:

  • Financial
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Web
  • Education
  • Students Initiatives
  • Assistive Technology
  • Made in India

A Living Repository of Accessible Innovations

Whether your Innovations gets shortlisted or awarded, Global Elevate Award aims to be a living repository of Accessible Innovation that will create awareness, bridge barriers and allow the different stakeholders to collaborate.

When will the Awards be Given

The Global Elevate Awards will be given during Techshare India. For the first year this will be at Techshare India 2016 in the evening of 3rd March 2016, at New Delhi, India.

Criteria to Apply

To help you decide on whether you are eligible to apply for the Global Elevate Awards, ensure that you meet the following criteria:

  • Open to all parties and organizations throughout the world
  • Should be a technology solution
  • Should benefit people with disabilities or aging population
  • Solution should have been launched or implemented and available to the target audience between 1st April, 2014 and or 30th October, 2015

Judging Criteria

The Judges will evaluate the accessible innovations & solutions on 3 criteria, namely,

  • Identification of the Problem
  • Innovation
  • Impact

The Judges decisions will be final.

International Judging Panel

Nominees and winners have the benefit of being judged by an esteemed panel of industry experts consisting of venture capitalists, accessibility experts, technologists and industry experts. The Juries decisions will be final.

About BarrierBreak

BarrierBreak Solutions Private Limited is a for profit social enterprise that works in the area of accessibility and assistive technology. BarrierBreak has been looking at Accessibility with a different lens and believes that technology can be the game changer.

BarrierBreak are pioneers in accessibility in India and service 11 countries around the world. Being a part of the International Accessibility Community, we believe that there are gaps that need to be bridged in making technology reach people with disabilities and the elderly.

One of the key gaps in awareness. How do we reach the solutions to a larger audience? How do we ensure that the impact of the technology solution is maximized?
We believe that Global Elevate Award which will be a living repository of accessible innovations developed worldwide, will be a game changer!