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Global Elevate Awards

Technology for Inclusion

Do you know a Product or Service that empowers people with disabilities or senior citizens?

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Accessible Innovation in Web is a website that includes links to legislation, definitions, latest news, media, and other areas. serves as a global clearinghouse of resources related to political participation and disability rights.


AMI-player available on


AMI-player is an accessible media player for broadcast content with captioning, transcripts and embedded description.

Media & Entertainment
Assistive Technology

AATT and Nemo Accessibility plugin

Accessibility Testing through open source automation engines

Use this tool if you want to test bulk of pages through automation. Can do it locally with google's chrome or htmlcodesniffer or axe. Can be extended to any engine which helps multiple evaluation.


Accessibility Checker Screenshot

CKSource Accessibility Checker

CKSource Accessibility Checker lets you inspect the accessibility level of web content created in WYSIWYG editor and immediately solve any issues that come up - all in real-time.


Sitecues user interface with magnification and speech controls


Sitecues is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology for website owners. Websites with Sitecues are easier for people with diverse abilities to read, hear, and use.