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Global Elevate Awards

Technology for Inclusion

Do you know a Product or Service that empowers people with disabilities or senior citizens?

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Accessible Innovation in Students Initiatives

Prototype of Wireless Communication Device For Hearing Challenged

Wireless Communication Device For Hearing Challenged

Wireless Talking Box is a helping aid for Hearing Challenged People to express their needs to Caretaker as audio message when he is nearer and as message to caretaker's mobile when he is far away.

Students Initiatives

This image shows the prototype for haptic hat for visually chanllenged people

Haptic Hat

Haptic Hat helps for visually challenged people in detecting head level obstacles in the form of audio messages

Students Initiatives

Accessibility kit for Monza by Haba games

64oz Games

64 oz. Games is committed to making board games more accessible to blind players. They create braille accessibility kits that allow blind players to main stream board games.

Students Initiatives
Assistive Technology