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HandyBook Dyslexia Reading APP

HandyBook e-reader APP
United Kingdom
Accessible Product

Category: Education, Assistive Technology,

Nomination Details

Organization name: handysoftware ltd

Launched Date: 2015-01-15

Who has created it: andy martin

Problem statement and how the Accessible Innovation solves the problem.

Dyslexics & partial sighted struggle to read print. Focussing on words and comprehending them can be very difficult if not impossible. Approximately 15% of the population are dyslexic.

By using a tablet or phone with the HandyBook App installed, that has been specifically developed with a number of the UK leading dyslexia specialists, it makes reading easy. The user can set to their own individual setting very easily selecting preferred back ground colours, font size, font type including specialist dyslexia font and highlighter bar function. HandyBook also features left aligned and a text to speech dictionary.

Tell us who is the target audience and how the accessible innovation will benefit them. Please specify the different target audiences groups and provide numbers and statistics of your current clients as well as what is the potential number of people that the innovation can impact and empower:

The main target group is dyslexics that make up approximately 15% of the population, Tests have also shown HandyBook helps considerably those who are partial sighted or just slow readers to focus and understand words / text. Once a child is given the tool to be able to read then education becomes easier for all. Independent UK school tests show it improved reading by up to 650%.

How is the accessible innovative solution different from current practices or ways of solving the problem?

Most schools can only offer someone to read for dyslexics or provide assistance with colour overlay sheets and a ruler to help focus reading books. Some tablets allow the user to change certain colours back ground and font sizes but nothing specialist for dyslexia or the highlighter bar etc.

How is the accessible innovative solution new, different or unique in terms of the technology or implementation?

HandyBook allows the user to change all settings on a tablet or phone specifically for dyslexics and allows easy reading. No other device does this.

HandyBook encourages reading rather than relying on alternative text-to-speech methods. HandyBook provides the following reading aids:-

  • Dyslexia friendly background colours such as blue and green.
  • Easy to read resizable fonts such as Open Dyslexic.
  • A highligter bar that highlights one line at a time.
  • A talking dictionary.

How do you get the innovative solution to reach the target audience? Please elaborate on the your go to market strategy and which geographies do you currently work in and what are your future plans for marketing your innovation.

As a new product it is always hard to market. Especially a product for those who struggle to read and they generally do not read marketing material. We do however already have a good on-line / social media presence on Twitter / Face Book / LinkedIn etc along with an excellent website.

We have also recently partnered with some large educational supply companies who have tested HandyBook and will look to market directly into schools and employers. The prison service is also looking at it.

What is the potential impact of the innovative solution on the lives of the target audience? Please elaborate by providing statistics of the current impact and the potential impact.

Currently 15%of the population are dyslexic and struggle toread.This impacts on their ability to learn and 80% of current UK prisoners are dyslexic. Improved reading equates to improved learning / self esteem and potentially less crime! Every student that took part in the test for Handy app has shown significant and measurable improvement in their reading efficiency.

Stories of how the Innovation has touched lives.

Every dyslexic who has tried HandyBook has said they can read easier. To see a child turn to their mum and say 'mummy I can read that' is a wonderful feeling!

A partially blind lady tried it recently who loved reading all her life but now in her 70's had not read for over ten years. When she was persuaded to look at a tablet with a sample book on she cried as she could read for the first time in ages!

Links to a few videos about the innovation:

None presently available.