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Carrom Board for the Age old Persons and Differently Abled

Carrom Board for the Disabled
Accessible Product

Category: Assistive Technology, Made in India,

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Launched Date: 2015-03-01

Who has created it: MILAN DASS

Problem statement and how the Accessible Innovation solves the problem.

Our focus is more on social responsibility, inclusiveness and reaching out to the privileged and underprivileged. We have to respect and value their ability for their meaningful life in our society. Our challenge is to develop ‘Safety Based Cost Effective Devices’ that improves their accessibility, ability and mobility. This can be achieved only through search, research, design, develop and ensure access to the end users use that adds value to their life. Dedicated Technologists are trying to develop and manipulate the device’s designs those can suits them. The inventions should prove that they are second to none in meeting their requirement and ensure their Social Justice and Empowerment.

Variety of practices has been adopted to render meaningful services to improve social life of the disabled and privileged people. We believe in sustainable direct or indirect services and committed for meaningful services through ‘Innovations’. In today’s life Science Technology playing an important role in providing social justice and Empowerment of the Disabled and privileged people.

It is said that ‘Technology is a driving force for change in the developing world. With the aid of the latest High Tech devices and Innovations people who are visually impaired are now shattering barriers that previously seemed to be in surmountable. Even small innovations with change or adaptation or manipulation can change life of a disabled persons’.

Taking advantage of the Science and Technology’s technical and financial support we had developed number of educational and sports devices to ensure their ‘Right to Education and Sports Rehabilitation’. Devices developed like Tactile Drawing Board, Geometry kit for the VH, Inter Line Braille Writing Slate, Carom n Snooker Board for the P W Disability’ and so on were some of them and second to none. The Technology has made easy access of/to their education and sports.

Tell us who is the target audience and how the accessible innovation will benefit them. Please specify the different target audiences groups and provide numbers and statistics of your current clients as well as what is the potential number of people that the innovation can impact and empower:


  • Develop a Device those are suitable for the disabled persons.
  • Remove feeling of discrimination.
  • Ensure Social Justice and Empowerment.
  • Inclusive Device for Inclusive growth and decision making.
  • Accessible, Cost effective, maintenance free and ensure safety.
  • Simplified, flexible play and procedures.
  • Develop sports sprit / athletic skill among PWDs / privileged persons.
  • A universal sports device for all challenged, age and gender groups those are required in today’s environment.
  • Develop hand and mental co-ordination (A meaningful device for MH and Spastic children).
  • Smart tool/device for researchers/educators to study their growth, level of disability, mental strength etc.

OBJECTIVE of the play. ‘Carrom Board’.: The objective of play is ‘Empower and ensure Social Justice of the Disabled. The aim of the game is to pot (or pocket) one's nine carom men. Using a striker disk with a flick of the finger to make push and move lighter object disks called carom men, which are thus propelled into one of dictated pockets.

The organizations/individuals those have received the ‘Carom Board’

  1. Devnar Foundation School for the Blind, Mayur Marg,Begumpet,Hydrabad.
  2. National Institute for Visually Handicapped, Regional Chapter,Secundrabad
  3. Indian Association for the Blind,Madhurai.
  4. St Joseph School for the Blind, Justin Nagar,Paravai. Madurai.
  5. Mr.Shanmugam. UPHAAR,Multi Rehabilitation Centre, MuthupatiAlagappan Nagar Vali, Madurai.
  6. Dr.Bhushan Punani, Executive Director, Blind People’s Association, Vastrapur,Ahmedabad.
  7. Mr.Naveen /Srinivas, Hydrabad.
  8. Mr.Kiran Kumar.P.V. I & EYE
  9. Training Centre for the Visually Handicapped, Mysore.
  10. Bro.Maria Soosai, Director, Mont Fort Centre foe Education,Dankre,Tura.
  11. Samaritatian Association of the Blind, Durtlang (Secondary School) Mizoram
  12. School for the Blind Boys, Ganpati Road,Dist Dhule-424001.
  13. Assisi School for Handicapped, Kalaketty Post, Muvattupuza,Via Kottayam.
  14. Mr.Sai Prasad, ARDAR,Konada Junction,NH.5 Road, Opp to Bajaj Show Room,K.Kopperla Post, SingavaramS.O, Vizianagaram Dist.535213.
  15. Government School for the Blind, Malakpet,Hydrabad.
  16. Mr.M.K.Raniwala,Wirking President, Badhit Bal Vikas Kendra, !32,Station Road,Kota-324002.
  17. Mr.B.Padmanaban,Teacher in Charge, Hellen Keller Centinary Memorial Model School for the Blind,Kottappuram.P.O, Karimpuzha,Plakkad. 679513.
  18. The Correspondent, CSI School for the Blind,Irenepuram.629162. Kanyakumari Dist.Pin:629162.
  19. Dr.Rajat Chabra, Sankara Eye Hospital,Varthur Main Road, Kundalahalli Gate,Bangalore:5600037. C
  20. Mr .P.Parthasarathy, Managing Director,Surface Chemical Finishing Ltd, For Siddaganga School for the Blind, Tumkur.
  21. Mr.Mallikarjuna For Govt High School for the Blind, Shankarpuram, Kuddappah.
  22. T.S.Krishna,(Incharge) Nethra Vidhyalaya College for Blinds, Shmshabad,Hydrabad.
  23. Govt school for the blind ,Medak.(Donated by a Bank employee)
  24. Hellen Keller School for the Blind, MVP colony,Visakapatnam
  25. Govt School for the Blind,ViziaNagatam
  26. Chaitanta School for the Learning Disabled, Kotavalasa
  27. Asian Aid High School for the Blind,Mettavalasa, BOBBILI.ViziaNagaram.
  28. Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys Acadamy, Narendrapur,Kolkata.70000103
  29. St Xavier’Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged, St Xavier’s Coleege,Mumbai
  30. Mother Theresa School for the Blind, Mangamoor Road,Ongle
  31. Poona School for the Blind, Solapur,Maharashtra.
  32. Govt High School for the Blind, Pondicherry.
  33. National federation of the Blind, No 36,1st Floor, 100 feet Ring Road,Veerabhdranagar, Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore
  34. Hon.Director,Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind women,8/11,Mannapuram,
  35. GOVINDA KRISHNAN,FOUNDER,,NETHRODAYA, 47/1, Nolambur Phase II,Mogappair West, Chennai
  36. Arisjuvady Health Trust, Punducherry
  37. Arisjuvady Mental Health Centre, Punducherry
  38. Aathichudy Special School , Chennai
  39. Award Trust, Palani, Dindigul
  40. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Oddanchatram
  41. SSA, Sanarpatti, Dindigul
  42. St.Louis Institute for the Deaf and the Blind, Chennai
  43. Arvi Special School, Dindigul
  44. Dudley Hr.Sec.School, Dindigul
  45. CSI Boarding Middle School, Dindigul
  46. SSA, Kodaikanal , Dindigul
  47. SSA, Vedasandur , Dindigul
  48. SSA, Nilakottai , Dindigul
  49. SSA, Thoppampatty , Dindigul
  50. SSA, Urban Resource Centre , Dindigul
  51. SSA, Gujiliamparai , Dindigul
  52. SSA, palani , Dindigul
  53. SSA, Vadamadurai , Dindigul
  54. SSA, Aathoor , Dindigul
  55. SSA, Dindigul Rural , Dindigul
  56. SSA, Natham , Dindigul
  57. Mother Mary Education Trust , Dindugul
  58. Amma Illam Special School , Dindugul

How is the accessible innovative solution different from current practices or ways of solving the problem?

It is observed that the disabled have very limited outdoor games that improve their physical, mental abilities and athletic skill. In general most of the popular sports devices are designed and developed for the general people. For the disabled persons some of those sport games are denied or access to play with them. It is assumed that they do have limited mobility and ability to play or compete with them to their expectation. Access to play any meaningful sports game is essential for mental and physical growth.

We have studied and taken care of all the limitations of all the age groups, sex and disabilities. We imagined, forecasted and came with meaningful solution before giving final touch.

How is the accessible innovative solution new, different or unique in terms of the technology or implementation?

The basic design and structure is similar to the general carom Board available in the market, But this carom board cannot be used by the disabled persons due to their limitations and physical disability. Considering their ability and limitations we added and manipulated the designs in the Board that comforts them to play such games of their own.

The size of the Board is similar to a normal standard board .Inside the wooden frame a small slope is given to ensure the coin/ball to be inside the frame when they strike coin / ball. This design is available in Snooker Board. The surface of the Board is either Hylam Board or any board having similar quality. The board has 21 ‘POT HOLES’. Steel cups or aluminium cups are being placed under the pot holes to hear the fall of coin/ball. The Board is sealed to retain the cups and assembly. Identification mark has been given for the identification of coins by the Visually Handicapped The white coins are plain, Black coins do have one side blind hole at the centre and Red coin do have blind hole at both sides.

The Striker has a small curve (like crescent moon) to seat the coins and opposite to the curve a small hole has been provided to place their index figure for push. A stopper with slope on one side and curve on the other side with locating pin has been provided that helps the coins / ball to stop and fall in to hole when it is placed behind the dictated hole.

For Snooker/Billiards play the same board can be used. A marble or good quality of solid ball can be used for play. A suitable wooden stick can be used to push the ball. A wooden Guide block has been provided to accommodate the ball and to position the stick for play. A guide sticks also being provided for initial play or training. This would give an idea to the VH how a coin or ball travelling in a straight line.

How do you get the innovative solution to reach the target audience? Please elaborate on the your go to market strategy and which geographies do you currently work in and what are your future plans for marketing your innovation.

The project was under taken by us through Science and Tecnologies SEED TIDE pogramme.and was completed on march 2015.A pilot production of 50 nos was under taken by us and these were distributed to potential organizations at free of cost. A video copy of user’s guide is also is being provide. We do under take manufacturing and distribution to the needy persons/ organization on demand at minimum cost prize. We are still in the process of indentifying potential manufacturer for production and distribution.Our aim is this device should be made available to all the disabled to improve their sports skill and mental ability.

I donated part of the project money to be fixed in bank as fixed deposit and the interest would be used as prize money for the winners who played in ‘CAROM BOARD FOR THE DISABLED’.

What is the potential impact of the innovative solution on the lives of the target audience? Please elaborate by providing statistics of the current impact and the potential impact.

We do get their general feedback in writing about the use of board and impact on their activities.Some scanned copies are enclosed for reference. The results are positive and was welcomed by many. The print and Visual medias supported me after seeing the innovative device.

Stories of how the Innovation has touched lives.

The reports given by is itself self explanatory and I do find no more words can be given about their feeling and touch.

Links to a few videos about the innovation: