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Optelec Traveller HD

The Optelec Traveller HD with the screen to the farmost left position
The Netherlands
Accessible Product

Category: Assistive Technology,

Nomination Details

Organization name: Optelec Nederland B.V.

Launched Date: 2015-05-20

Who has created it: Jim Pors

Problem statement and how the Accessible Innovation solves the problem.

When your vision forces you to use a magnifier for reading, you soon experience that it is not easy to use these devices. Reading in a straight line and finding the beginning of the next line is very difficult. The Traveller HD solves this problem with the sliding meganism for the screen. It means that you only move the complete unit in vertical direction and when you have found the line you wnat to read you just slide the screen from left to right or from right to left, depending on the language. Never has reading for visually impaired been so easy. With a big screen of 13.3" and weighing les then 2 KG, this is the ideal travel mate for every visually impaired person.

Tell us who is the target audience and how the accessible innovation will benefit them. Please specify the different target audiences groups and provide numbers and statistics of your current clients as well as what is the potential number of people that the innovation can impact and empower:

Our target audience is people with low vision. They will have easier access to information. Information is needed to learn. A lot can be done with computers or tablets, but a lot of information is still on paper.

How is the accessible innovative solution different from current practices or ways of solving the problem?

The sliding screen with a fixed base position is unique and gives the low vision people a much easier way to read new papers, letters and magazines. It is also much easier to read on the couch or a lazy chair, like sighted people do. Due to it's low weight it is very easy to take it with you from home to work or school, but also on vacation. The wide 13.3" screen gives a perfect image and great overview of the text to be read.

How is the accessible innovative solution new, different or unique in terms of the technology or implementation?

There has never been a portable magnifier with such a big screen and sliding mechanism.

How do you get the innovative solution to reach the target audience? Please elaborate on the your go to market strategy and which geographies do you currently work in and what are your future plans for marketing your innovation.

We sell the Optelec Traveller HD through our worldwide distribution network. We are showing the product everywhere in the world. At exhibitions, in Low VIsion centers and at organsations for the Visually Impaired.

What is the potential impact of the innovative solution on the lives of the target audience? Please elaborate by providing statistics of the current impact and the potential impact.

Being able to read, when you are Visually Impaired is life changing. You have easy access to news papers and magazines. You are aware what is happening in the world and you read about your hobies or any other subject. Without being able to read, your life will become very boring and you will get isolated.

Stories of how the Innovation has touched lives.

No stories so far

Links to a few videos about the innovation: