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Global Elevate Awards
Technology for Inclusion

If you believe in building the accessibility ecosystem,
If you believe that accessible solutions need a wider reach,
If you believe in helping others succeed,
We would love your support?

Write in to Support Global Elevate Awards

Building an Accessible Innovations Ecosystem.

What type of Support are we looking for?

If you can sponsor Global Elevate Awards, we need the financial support to make this a platform that is sustainable so would love to hear from you.

If you can help us reach the amazing innovators out there with your network, tell us how you can help spread the word.

If you can help us with blogs, articles and media to spread the amazing work done in accessible innovations, reach out to us.

About Global Elevate Awards

BarrierBreak has conceived this idea and believes in this award. Being a leader assistive technology & accessibility consulting firm from India, we believe in ecosystem building. Techshare India 2016 & Global Elevate are our way of supporting the amazing game changers out there!

We would love to have your support to write to us!